Here's some samples of my copywriting work which covers a range of tones, audiences and forms of media.
This includes samples of instructional/informational copywriting, retail promotion, business-to-business communications and product marketing.

There’s a certain beauty about the underdog.

There is something grand about the idea that a man, woman or business can pull themselves up at any time, stare the big dog in the face and remind them that the giants always fall harder. Marketing Revolution is a brand, a company, an ethos. It is a never say die mentality that gives us all the truly unique opportunity to transform fortune and fortunes. Through technology, experience and an ability to identify opportunities in the market, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing a product and service offering that serves a real purpose.  We exist in service of you, not the other way around. Your success is our motivation and our motivation is what drives our innovation.

We are the Marketing Revolution.


What’s in a brand?

Why is it important and why the need to change? Business is dynamic, and brands must evolve in order to best represent their products, services and beliefs within an ever-evolving marketplace. A brand is a living, breathing entity - one which must be consistent and true to itself in order to resonate with not only the public, but with the employees and stakeholders who strive to make the business a success each and every day. In other words, a brand must stand for something. The information within this document will serve to demonstrate the guidelines, personality and ethos personifying a company with not only a decade of remarkable historical growth, but also with the positioning for unbridled potential. 

Our brand is important. Our brand is dynamic. Our time is now. 

Il tuo fortuno con stile.

That’s Italian for “Your Future in Style.” We at Marcolin believe that style can help define a personality, and we want your customers to shine. Through state-of-the-art product and visually striking point-of-purchase materials, we hope to speak directly to the personalities of your customers. Contact a Marcolin Sales Consultant to set an appointment, and see “il tuo futuro con stile” with Marcolin.


Every house has a story

and personality as unique as those who call it home, but it takes something special to truly capture its charm. It takes that unmistakable piece that ties it all together. From whimsical and eclectic gifts to timeless furnishings and decorative accents, we welcome you to Grammercy Road - the road that leads to home.


Social media is growing as a business tool,

and consumers are looking for more ways to interact with your brand. Now your direct marketing efforts can expand your reach even further. Complete a postcard, flyer, rack card or business card order and we will host an online version of your campaign at no additional cost. Post your campaign to your Twitter feed. Add it to your Facebook page or post it to your blog. With XpressLinks™, the strength of social media marketing is at your fingertips. 


Your prospects are a selective and discerning market,

demanding the quality of service for which Sotheby’s International Realty® has become world-renowned. Xpressdocs is proud to incorporate this philosophy of quality and service into our entire product portfolio. From effective direct marketing and printed materials to a brand-building selection of promotional products, our solutions were designed with your success in mind.

Since 1998, Xpressdocs has been at the vanguard, providing brokers and sales associates with marketing tools designed with the simplicity, speed and effectiveness necessary in today’s fast paced real estate market.


The Marcolin Collection

offers a broad and definitive line of sophisticated styles which appeal to the value-minded consumer. The core line is a series of sub-collections which differ in taste, target audience and price-sensitivity. The common theme within the collection is high-quality craftsmanship and a competitive price for the mainstream market. The styling emphasis is on wide appeal and broad coverage as it relates to features, fit, size and color options. Marcolin’s vast selection of models allows anyone the opportunity to purchase high-quality, fashionable products at a reasonable and competitive price. 

Does your organization need technical expertise to complete a demanding project?

Are you in need of reliable technical resources committed to seeing your project through to completion? With our team of over 200 technical consultants throughout the United States, we’re well-equipped to find the right fit for your needs. This includes customizing resources based on a variety of deliverable approaches, including T&E, deliverable and fixed bid options. With access to a resource pool of millions of candidates, we can help identify qualified hourly talent available to work onsite or remote, based on your needs. More than just assisting with individual resource staffing, we also have deep experience developing and assembling experienced technology teams. If your project and business allow for offshore resources, we can work with you to develop a workflow to integrate offshored development and application testing with your in-house project management personnel.

At XTGlobal™, we understand that no two businesses are alike, and we separate ourselves with a consultative and tailored approach. By finding the right fit for your needs, XTGlobal continues to gain and retain the trust of a rapidly growing client base. Equipped with an experienced roster of technical experts in .NET and JAVA development as well as the leading ERP solutions, we are positioned to serve as your preferred staffing partner when in need of reliable and experienced technology resources.


Transitioning processes and workflows can be a daunting task.

Fears of losing control, visibility and accountability of key functions call into question the overall effectiveness of the BPO process itself. Our deep experience with transition services, infrastructure, governance and technology management are here to make the process as seamless and effective as possible. Our full-service implementation process is acutely focused on the unique needs of your business, and provide the long-term and strategic benefits which process outsourcing can provide.

Our proven methodology of process transitioning includes a multi-step evaluation and assessment of your needs, control and governance, establishing a plan developed specifically for the nuances of your organization:



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