My name is Wes Wilkins, a seasoned marketing executive and creative professional based in Dallas, Texas. My professional background is varied and diverse, providing me with a breadth of experience and inspiration from which to draw ideas and inspiration.

My desire to succeed and grow as a professional has allowed me the opportunity to continually grow my skills, and approach an evolving marketing landscape with energy, enthusiasm, and a competitive nature. It is this drive which has continually provided me with the opportunity to drive over 16 years of successful strategic and tactical initiatives, working in various capacities alongside such brands as Cover Girl, Kenneth Cole, Timberland, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Fitz & Floyd, YellowBook, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s, and Hewlett Packard to name a few.

My career has taken me to all corners of the interactive, marketing and creative spaces, ranging from large-scale software and platform development to print and online advertising. From multi-year product and feature roadmaps to analytics, SEO and SEM. From award-winning e-commerce management to brand management and development. My experience has provided me with a holistic toolkit from which to choose the right approach for the job at hand.

From a strategic perspective, I am experienced developing product and technology vision and evolution over time, assembling and providing a clear and compelling case for such initiatives. This ranges from years of experience on a consumer eyewear brand management team, to running the marketing and user experience efforts of an enterprise marketing technology platform provider. Whether it be feature buildout, revenue seeking opportunities though multiple outlets such as affiliates, or even traditional marketing, advertising and communication efforts, I have a successful track record of assembling all elements to create a holistic product and service experience. I’m experienced managing teams of marketing, technology and design personnel, as well as working closely with domestic and international technology teams to allow projects to reach a successful outcome.

In terms of tactics, I am extremely experienced in hands-on design, concepting, rapid prototyping, copywriting and documentation. My approach to everything is very hands-on, with no fear or ego preventing me from jumping into the weeds to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. I am as comfortable managing the project as I am as playing the role of an active member, and my broad range of application proficiencies allows me the opportunity to develop a diverse and integrated approach to any project.I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty - in fact, I somewhat prefer it.

OK, enough of the procedurals.

Outside of my work and career, I'm obsessed with all things related to sports, music, video games, craft beer and culinary. Add to the mix my hopeless love of craft beers and you've got the lanky ball-o'-randomness that is me.

About Me: 

  • I am an avid fan of the Dallas Stars, and typically attend 15-20 games per season
  • I have played drums since the age of 10 and have a music degree
  • I took Spanish, Italian, German and Russian in college, for no real reason
  • I own 2 rad huskies and do volunteer work with the Texas Husky Rescue
  • I cook constantly and am pretty much obsessed with The Food Network
  • I'm a hopeless and unapologetic beer snob
  • I think Skyrim may be the world's most perfect video game